Successful Employee Engagement & Giving Campaign Overview

CMN Hospitals is keen on bringing value to our corporate partners by taking all of the work to support our impact, off your plate. On top of delivering the technology flexible for your employee engagement and giving culture, we provide the strategy to run an effective workplace campaign. 

We work with every corporate partner to create a blue print, custom to your interests. 

Our partners, FrontStream, put together a generic campaign toolkit using techniques that are best in practice, leveraged by high performing campaigns. Here is a link to the toolkit and a high-level overview in running a successful employee engagement and giving campaign.  

Dictate timelines for the campaign  

Timing your workplace giving campaign when other leadership or organizational commitments are not occurring will help employee participation and overall campaign success.  

Our highest performing employee engagement and giving campaigns run for 3-6 weeks. CMN Hospitals has created a step-by-step campaign timeline we will work through with you to help implement, and achieve your company’s campaign goals with zero to minimal work on your end. 

Employee email communication  

Email is the number one employee participation driver in corporate partner employee giving campaigns. CMN Hospitals has worked with FrontStream to offer best in practice email templates for various campaign lengths, leveraged by high performing campaigns.  

Pro Tip! Our best performing campaigns have email communication coming from corporate partners' leadership on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the targeted employee campaign push period.  

Set a Goal (optional)  

Corporate and cause partner employee giving campaigns with a visual goal on our platform receive 33% higher participation than employee campaigns that do not define a combined giving goal.  

CMN Hospitals works with each corporate parner to think about what the fundraising goal is for the targeted giving challenge with your employees. We make sure that the goal is defined on the campaign giving page and communicated to employees throughout the campaign as a motivational driver.

Incentivize employee participation  

Incentivizing employee giving exponentially increases employee participation and donor dollars raised. We work with each corporate partner to discuss what you can offer.  

Pro Tip! This does not need to be a heavy lift. Here is a list of incentive ideas ranging from a trip to the Bahama’s to CEO’s washing employees’ cars. The goal is to make the campaign fun for your employees to participate.

Strategize a corporate match (optional)

Offering a corporate match is one of the most influential incentives for higher employee participation. Workplace campaigns that leverage this approach raised 31% higher in employee gifts than campaigns that did not on FrontStream's platform in 2018.  

E.g. “Acme Corp is committed to giving as well! If we hit our employee challenge goal of $50,000 in 30-days, you will unlock an additional gift from Acme Corp to CMN Hospitals. Find out how much by donating today! (insert employee giving link)

Leaving room for creativity

More important than any of the above is that CMN Hospitals is flexible to hear your creatives ideas, and implement with speed. 

The more engaged and creative a corporate partner wants to be in the proccess, the better the results of the campaign will be. We have everyhing covered, but would love to work with you as closely as you'd like. 

Summarizing a successful corporate partner employee engagement and giving campaign

1. Strategize on a targeted time frame to launch 

2. Dictate employee communication or use our ready to go templates

3. Dictate fundraising goals for the employee campaign with the help of CMN Hospitals experts

4. Dictate incentives to boost employee participation (if available)

5. Dictate a matching gift and communication around it (if available)

6. Stay engaged with a CMN Hospitals team member throughout the campaign

Engage your employees with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Leverage our technology and strategy to deploy employee giving without the heavy lift. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® workplace campaigns build employee engagement and giving flexible to your company's identity.